Job Openings at Community Enterprises

Please post the attached job openings at Community Enterprises, Inc. for our local office in Holyoke, MA.  If you could send any likely applicants our way, I’d appreciate it!

Our direct URL for applicants is:

Thank you,

Melissa Neiman
Recruiting/H.R. Coordinator
Community Enterprises, Inc.
441 Pleasant Street
Northampton, MA 01060

413-584-1460 Ext. 129

2016 Re-encuentro

The 2016 Casa Latina Re-encuentro is November 30, 6-8pm at the Florence Civic Center (9 North Maple Street). The Re-encuentro is an activity Casa Latina holds every year to offer residents the opportunity to come together as a community to reconnect, share their ideas, and learn of our work in Hampshire County. There will be dinner, and we will provide transportation and child care

2016 Caminata

Thank you to everyone who joined in the 2016 Caminata! You can see WWLP coverage here:

Dozens of people gathered at Northampton High School and marched to City Hall. They called the walk a “Caminata,” to promote Latino pride in the heart of Northampton.

They carried colorful balloons to represent their diverse cultural backgrounds. They held a banner for Casa Latina, an organization that has been advocating for the Latino community for the last 40 years.

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And in The Daily Hampshire Gazette here:

Drivers passing along Elm or Main streets Saturday morning might have noticed a group of people walking with flags and colorful balloons. The march was a fundraiser in support of Casa Latina, the only Latino-led and Latino-focused organization in Hampshire County.

The marchers each contributed $20 to participate, with a goal of bringing awareness to the local Latino community, according to Lillian Torres, director at Casa Latina.

“I think one of the most important goals for us is recognition, the recognition of the community here, that a great Latino community lives here,” Torres said in an interview in Spanish before the march began.

Casa Latina, a Florence-based organization established more than 40 years ago, aims to foster a sense of community among about 250 Latino residents. The organization is meant as a safe space where people can come to talk about their worries and problems, Torres said.

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Also, thanks to La Veracruzana for donating some lunch proceeds to support the Caminata.




Herencia Latina Kick-off event September 16

Casa Latina is proud to be a Program Partner for Herencia Latina, a celebration of our region’s Latino American Heritage. There will be events all over the valley. Casa Latina will be hosting the kick-off on September 16 at the Forbes Library at 7pm.

We will be hosting a screening of Latino Americans Episode I: Foreigners in Their Own Land with scholar Raul Gutierrez. Refreshments will be served.

Find more about the other events at the Herencia Latina website.

The only Latino-led and Latino-focused organization in Hampshire County, MA