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Job Posting: Executive Director

Casa Latina, Inc

Executive Director

Reports to: Board of Directors

Status: Full Time

Date: August 2017

Organization: Casa Latina, Inc. is a non-profit community organization committed to promoting Latino empowerment and cultural pride in Hampshire County. By providing public programs and services, and developing educational spaces for cultural pride and leadership, Casa Latina Inc. is charged with unifying and facilitating action at the individual and community level.

Position Overview: Casa Latina’s Executive Director is the organization’s chief administrative officer and is responsible for providing strategic vision and leadership to the organization and its Board of Directors, and for overseeing daily operations including delivery of services and programming and the supervision of paid and volunteer staff.  The Executive Director is responsible for realizing the organization’s mission statement, and for implementing strategic plans developed in collaboration with the organization’s Board of Directors.

Primary responsibilities fall into the following categories: Board Management and Involvement; Program Responsibilities; Finance and Administration; Communication and Community Outreach. The Executive Director reports to and works collaboratively with the Board of Directors to ensure Casa Latina’s success.

The duties of the Casa Latina Executive Director include the following elements:

Board Management and Volunteer Involvement

The Executive Director provides staff leadership to the organization to enable the Board of Directors to fulfill its roles to review, approve, advise, and provide volunteer support for Casa Latina’s programs and initiatives, services, fundraising and development, and collaborations with other agencies.

    • Provide leadership, vision and inspiration to the organization including the Board of Directors, by facilitating strategic planning and proposing creative approaches to best enable programs to respond to emerging opportunities and challenges
    • Work with the Board’s officers to plan monthly meeting agendas and program review
    • Systematically and regularly communicate to the Board to keep current on program activities and status, funding sources, personnel issues, and scheduling of programming and vacations
    • Report emergent issues at the earliest convenience in-between Board meetings to relevant officers and/or members of the board
    • Provide leadership and guidance for realizing and implementing the organization’s mission as defined by the Board of Directors
    • Identify, cultivate, and broaden the base of individual benefactors
    • Attend all meetings of the Board, unless otherwise advised. Prepare and distribute materials including monthly activity reports, grant proposals and reports, communications materials, etc. as appropriate.
    • Execute and implement policies, procedures and decisions requested by the Board
    • Develop and implement strategies for involving community residents, students and faculty from area colleges, and youth in volunteer roles with the organization.

Program Operations:

The Executive Director is responsible for delivery and enhancement of the organization’s programs and services; for seeking, managing and implementing appropriate resources to these ends, and for ensuring that all operations of the organization are effective to its mission.

    • Medical Interpretation services:
      • Taking requests
      • Recruiting interpreters
      • Scheduling interpreters
      • Billing for interpreters’ services
      • Administering payroll for interpreters
      • Business development with medical practices
    • Information and Referrals:
      • Make referrals and linkages to appropriate resources for walk-in clients in both our Florence & Amherst agencies
      • Keep knowledge of local resources current
      • Follow up with referral agency and/or client
      • Keep statistics of I and R requests and communicate information to the Board
    • Case Management:
      • Gather data and make assessment of needs
      • Advocate for client with agencies and resources
      • Follow up to assure services are in place
      • Crisis management
      • Keep statistics of case management requests and communicate information to the Board
    • Community Building, Engagement and  Education:
      • Publicly represent and communicate the vision and values of Casa Latina to existing and potential funders, community organizations and the media.
      • Seek and act on opportunities to expand awareness of Casa Latina’s programs within Hampshire County
      • Establish and maintain relationships with community partners and grant sources
      • Maintain and work to expand long-standing annual events such as:
      • Reencuentro
      • Three Kings Day
      • Plan and implement events addressing health, housing, schooling, immigration issues which support community members, engage learners, and recruit volunteers or contributors
    • Resource Development & Maintenance:
      • Conduct needs assessment and information gathering as needed for programs and projects
      • Seek grants and new sources of revenue congruent with agency mission in a timely way for submission schedule and keep Board informed of grant related activities
      • Meet expectations of current funding sources re ongoing grants, contracts, partnerships
      • Hiring for key grant functions
      • Facilitating necessary partnerships to support grant objectives and programs
      • Facilitate collaborations and partnerships with other community organizations and resources
      • Fundraise through events and solicitations

Administration and Finances

The Executive Director is responsible for day-to-day fulfillment of the organization’s contract and grant obligations, and for oversight of finances, compliance and reporting.

    • Primary Administrative Activities:
      • Read and respond to all correspondence in a timely fashion
      • Responsible for the recruitment, hiring, supervision and release of all paid staff , volunteers, including positions necessary to support grants
      • Provide supervision and assistance to development staff (volunteer and/or paid)
      • Prepare reports in a timely fashion, meeting deadlines
      • Prepare reports including:
      • CDH- 2 times a year
      • United Way-1 time per year
      • CDBG- 4 times a year
      • HVES- 4 times a year
      • Other funding sources as developed
    • Finance:
      • Work closely with Board Treasurer on budget management and oversight, ensuring that Board is aware of pending financial issues
      • Supervise bookkeeper on monthly and annual review of financial statements
      • Regularly oversee accounting and bookkeeping functions
      • Collaborate with the Board of Directors to develop and monitor annual budgets

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