Roxana Paredes’s Story

Roxana Paredes is member of our community. We asked her to tell her Casa Latina Story.

Roxana Paredes‘s Casa Latina Story

by Johanna Walter as told by Roxana Paredes

Roxana Paredes came from San Salvador to Western Massachusetts in 2002. One of the main reasons she came to the U.S. was because she needed medical assistance and her hopes were to find the help she needed.  However, obtaining medical care proved to be difficult because she didn’t know how to navigate the health care system and did not speak English.

Ms. Paredes learned about Casa Latina from a friend who told her Casa would be able to help her, so without anything to lose, Ms. Paredes went to Casa Latina where she met Lillian Torres, and Eneida Garcia. Ms. Paredes admits she was a bit reluctant to ask for help but that Lillian and Eneida were so welcoming and kind that she soon felt comfortable to talk to them about her needs. Ms. Paredes adds that Casa Latina has always been there for her and that as she met people in the community and made friends, she would make it a point to tell all Latinos about Casa and the support they offer without hesitation.