Clemencia Robles and Aida Benitez’s Story

Clemencia Robles and Aida Benitez are members of our community. We asked them to tell their Casa Latina Story.

Clemencia Robles and Aida Benitez’s Casa Latina Story

by Johanna Walter as told by Clemencia Robles and Aida Benitez

Casa Latina has helped the Latino community find their way in Hampshire County by providing them with medical assistance and medical interpretation. Two of the many people Casa has helped are Ms. Clemencia Robles and Aida Benitez.

Ms. Robles came from Puerto Rico to Northampton in 2001 and she says that Casa Latina is the best thing that could have ever happened to her. She learned about Casa from her neighbors in the building she lived and says Casa Latina has been a part of her life ever since.

Ms. Robles is very thankful for the medical interpretation services she received through Casa and she says that this allowed her to finally be able to make decisions with her doctor on the treatments she needed. When Ms. Robles had open heart surgery, she says the staff at Casa Latina were there for her offering their support in every step of her recovery.

Ms. Benitez is also very thankful to Casa Latina for the help she received with filling out applications, securing transportation to and from her medical appointments, and getting a medical interpreter to be with her during her doctor consults. Ms. Benitez says she could not have made a life in this country without the help and support of Casa Latina and she is eternally grateful for the support they have always offered her