About Casa Latina

Casa Latina is the only Latino-led and Latino-focused organization in Hampshire County. Our mission is to promote self-sufficiency and a sense of community among local Latinos. We endeavor to fulfill this commitment by working directly with Latino residents to develop educational, access, and action programming based on the community’s capabilities and needs.

Personal Stories about Casa Latina

We’ve been gathering stories about how Casa Latina has touched the lives of people we’ve touched. If you have a story, please get in touch so we can add yours.

Luz Eneida Garcia’s Story

Trying to understand services and adjust to a new culture while unable to speak English was very stressful for me, especially without the support of my family.

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Diana Soler’s Story

I decided to attend to the meeting with my daughters. I found a safe space with childcare for my daughters. It was a workshop about how to start an association in my housing complex. I learned more about my rights as a tenant, community involvement and Casa Latina services.

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The only Latino-led and Latino-focused organization in Hampshire County, MA